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Emu Oil Made In The USA, Exceeding AEA Certification Standards,
And Guaranteed To YOUR Satisfaction Since 1994!

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Here, you get the most reasonable prices you will find for absolutely fresh, highest quality 100% pure emu oil. How can we do this? We don't buy emu oil in bulk from Australia, China, or India and simply resell it. We produce quality emu oil right here in the USA and we have since 1994. YES, we have been in the emu oil business over 25 years!

Your emu oil questions are answered here. You'll learn why emu oil prices vary so much and you'll learn about the different refining claims you see here on the Internet. You'll get all the details about foreign emu oil, emu oil certification, how emu oil works, emu oil tips and more! You'll also learn all the details about emu oil production so you can be certain that you're "emu oil savvy!"

Come see what sets us apart and why we confidently offer you a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee on all emu oil products. To see the various emu oil subjects, you may prefer to go directly to our sitemap page.


When You Buy Your Emu Oil From Us....
You get a free pump and larger sizes also include
a free one-ounce flip-top bottle for refilling!

  Emu oil one ounce bottle

About Emu Oil Certification

When you purchase emu oil, verify that it meets the standards set by the American Emu Association. You can see the AEA seal of approval right from the emu oil refinery on our emu oil below.



 You get first class shipping, all orders, and all shipments include free pumps and informative brochures!

The emu oil we produce for you is always fresh, 100% pure, guaranteed to your satisfaction, made in the USA , and laboratory tested to insure it meets and exceeds all American Emu Association (AEA) emu oil standards.

Please feel free to phone us with your questions. WE answer the phone and we sincerely appreciate your business! Our toll-free number is: 1-877-968-6878. If you can't find an emu oil subject you're looking for, please email me: Email Ray Magness.

Your emu oil comes in a sealed bottle for your personal peace of mind. Click here to see all products, prices, and sizes.

Emu oil seal cap bottle
Sealed Bottle

Emu oil seal cap bottle
Sealed Bottle

100% No Questions Asked Guarantee

We absolutely know quality emu oil because we have personally been involved in refining hundreds of gallons that is lab-tested for certification and that is why we confidently offer you a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.

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