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Why Emu Oil Prices Vary So Much
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As you search for quality emu oil (100% USA), you're sure to notice huge price differences. There are several reasons for this. First, emu oil has only been produced in the USA since the early nineties (before then it was produced mainly in Australia). At that time a LOT of emu oil was produced because of the high expectations in the marketplace. Emu oil is a very effective all natural treatment for a host of health issues and this is just what America has always looked for.

Even today there is a LOT of emu oil sold in the USA that is produced in Australia, India, and China. No country on earth has guidelines as strict as the USA and for that reason, imported oil is of lesser quality.

The truth is that it takes years to get a market established, for anything. Thousands of gallons of USA emu oil was produced in the mid 1990's and when it didn't sell, it was frozen. Not long ago, emu oil demand began to grow very fast and keeping up with the growing demand (with a quality oil) has become very difficult. This huge demand means that any emu oil that can be found is being sold at low prices and a lot of deception is taking place. Check out "Marketing Ploys."

Many Emu Oil "Producers" Only Have A Hobby

A lot of emu oil producers do it just as a hobby. They can raise 20 to 30 emus on a small amount of land and with only a small output of product, its possible to do the entire "business" with just two people, and they can support their "business" because its possible to have an ongoing job/career at the same time.

There isn't a necessity for back-up generators, walk-in freezers, employees, a dedicated water system and a back-up water system, barns, a tractor with all implements, incubators and hatchers that cost thousands of dollars each, advertising, and much much more.

The price can be kept very low for such an operation as a "hobby" HOWEVER, quality and dependability do not exist. It is very expensive to produce a high quality emu oil, properly support over 500 emus year-round, and meet the needs of thousands of customers.

Here's A Good Emu Oil Question.....

Why is there a "Grade B" emu oil offered in the emu oil marketplace when no other consumable oil comes in "Grade B?" Because the demand for emu oil is growing very fast. Any emu oil that can be found is being salvaged and if it can't be salvaged as "Grade A" it is sold as "Grade B".

If all emu oil were made from fresh, quality product in the first place, there would be no great price differences. There are no great price differences among other consumable oils. Actually, there is no reason to produce a "Grade B" emu oil. It isn't economical. If the initial product is fresh it will be Grade A, why would anyone change Grade A to Grade B? The justification for Grade B comes in recommending it for soaps and pets. It is called "once refined" (instead of "triple refined") etc.

I'm not saying that "Grade B" emu oil isn't applicable for pets, soaps, etc.  I am saying that because of demand, any emu oil that can be found is being salvaged and that's one reason why prices vary so much. There is no economical reason to produce a nice fresh "Grade B" emu oil but it is however, currently available. So the question is, where does grade "B" really come from?.....from old stored oil.

Emu Oil Prices Will Stabilize When.....

When all the available "Grade B" emu oil is gone, nobody will continue to produce it because it isn't logical or economical. When all the old "Grade A" emu oil is gone, the emu oil producers that remain will all be producing fresh emu oil and prices will stabilize.

Refining Any Oil Is Expensive.....

Other consumable oils that we have all used daily for our entire lives are refined one time and one time only. Refining is expensive and doing it more than once will substantially increase the cost of the emu oil. Actually, "triple refined" emu oil should cost at least twice as much as ordinary "Grade A" and "molecularly distilled" emu oil isn't realistic or economical.

About The Cost Of Producing Emu Oil

Some of the emu oil prices on the Internet are even lower than the cost of producing the oil....? Prices that are too low in any product should send up a red flag and emu oil is no exception. Oil that is priced very low may have been in inventory too long and could be starting to get rancid or there can be any number of reasons the price is low.

More info about this at what sets us apart.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me. Ray Magness: 1-877-968-6878


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