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About Foreign Emu Oil
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No nation on earth has guidelines as strict as the USA and emu oil is no exception. Any time a product passes the test of the American public and is proven to be effective, cuts in production cost is the first thing to happen, so profits can increase. Since emu oil is effective and accepted by the American public, it is now being imported from India and Australia.

People in India don't eat beef, and in the last three to five years, emu meat has become extremely popular there. Emu oil in India is nothing more than a by-product that can help with meat production so they sell it cheap. Since they have no refineries, it is exported as crude. There are also no guidelines for any production methods so the quality is highly questionable. We at Emu Oil Depot regularly see emu oil prices that are lower than the cost of raising emus and this is why.

The term "AEA Approved" can, and often does mean the Australian Emu Association, not the American Emu Association! Check out "Marketing Ploys."

The old saying that "you get what you pay for" always proves to be true.

About The Cost Of Producing Emu Oil

Some of the emu oil prices on the Internet are even lower than the cost of producing the oil....? Prices that are too low in any product should send up a red flag and emu oil is no exception.

We don't buy emu oil in bulk, up the price & resell it. We produce our own emu oil and we have since 1994. Our prices are not inflated and we offer you only fresh, high quality 100% pure emu oil.

More info about this at what sets us apart.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me. Ray Magness: 1-877-968-6878


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