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Emu Oil Production
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About The Emu Bird - About Emu Eggs - About Incubating Emu Eggs - About Emu Chicks
About Feeding Emus - About Watering Emus - About Emu Meat - About Refining Emu Oil
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Emu Oil & Emu Meat Comes From The Emu Bird

Emu oil & emu meat comes from the emu bird which is native to Australia. The Australian Aborigine people have used emu meat and oil for tens of thousands of years for food, and as an effective solution to many ailments.

Emus At The Emu Oil Depot Ranch

Emu Oil Production

Not many emu oil producers actually have emus and produce their own emu oil exclusively. Most "producers" buy emu fat from someone else and have it rendered into oil and refined. OR, they simply buy emu oil wholesale, up the price, and resell it.

When you buy emu oil, always ask where they get it. It is impossible to know the true quality of emu oil that someone else has produced.

Emu oil production began in the USA starting in 1994 and it has been produced since then. Emu oil first began to be widely used in the USA starting in 2007 as the result of a major television infomercial which educated hundreds of thousands of people to its benefits.

Emu Oil Quality Varies.......

The quality of emu oil varies greatly across the United States for a lot of reasons. One reason is that there are very few actual oil refineries that are available for private refining. A refinery that can refine peanut oil, coconut oil, etc., is capable of refining emu oil, but may choose not to do so.

Many producers have gone to other methods of "refining". For instance, some use "molecular distilling." It SOUNDS impressive, but its mainly a variation of the same ordinary distilling method we're all familiar with. People have been distilling water and alcohol for thousands of years, so the process isn't new.

Ordinary refining is by far the very best method of producing a quality oil of any kind and if refining isn't done, its for a reason. It may be too expensive, or too far away. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that ordinary refining is by far the very best, most common method of producing a quality oil.

It Is A Common Practice To Mix Emu OilÖ(undesirable)

One of the reasons emu oil is mixed from different sources is because three or four producers may need emu oil refined or re-refined, but they donít have enough for the minimum required to do a refining run. Different refineries are set up requiring different amounts and in order to run the equipment, it becomes necessary to mix the product from several different sources.

Either way, a lot of emu oil gets mixed since itís from different sources and this compromises the quality. Emu oil that meets emu oil standards can be miles apart in quality because the standards arenít very stringent. The standards DO insure safe emu oil, theyíre just not very stringent.

When emu oil from multiple sources is mixed, it is not possible to insure proper feed was used, it is not possible to insure medications werenít used, it isnít possible to insure pastures werenít sprayed with insecticide, etc. There are too many variables that develop when emu oil from different sources is mixed and it isnít possible to have total confidence in the end product.

Always buy your emu oil from a company that owns emu birds and produces the emu oil themselves. Then you can ask questions about feed, pastures, medications, hormones, insecticides, etc., and you can be sure you are getting emu oil that is of high quality.

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100% No Questions Asked Guarantee

We know quality emu oil because we have taken an active hands-on part in refining hundreds of gallons of emu oil that is lab-tested for certification. That is why we confidently offer a 100% money back guarantee.


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