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About The Certification Of Emu Oil
(AEA Standards)

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Here's How Emu Oil Certification Works

A sample from each "batch" of emu oil that is refined must be submitted to the American Emu Association for lab testing. Some batches are as much as 165 gallons while others can be as small as twenty-five gallons. If the submitted sample meets the AEA standards in the lab, certification is approved.

So, when you purchase emu oil, just verify that it meets the standards set by the AEA. You can see the AEA seal of approval right from the refinery on our emu oil below.


Good results start with using great product for refining in the first place. We save the laboratory results from each batch that we have refined. This way, if you prefer you can simply phone and we can verify the test results for you, or email you the laboratory COA (Certificate Of Analysis) from that batch.

You can be confident the emu oil you'll receive is absolutely fresh AND far exceeds the standards set by the American Emu Association.

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