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Emu Oil News For September 2007
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Healing Acne Naturally With Emu Oil
EmuOilDepot.com Monthly News - Issue #8 - September, 2007

Can emu oil help those with acne? More and more American, European,
and Australian doctors are beginning to believe that it does. Acne is one
of the most common skin issues in the USA, affecting all ages, races, and

Several American medical schools, including Indiana University of Medicine
have conducted research on emu oil over the last several years and have
found that this oil consists of numerous health properties that are beneficial
to your skin.

The Makeup Of Emu Oil........

The makeup of emu oil is almost 100 percent triglyceride lipid. Triglycerides
(a type of fatty compound) are abundant in human skin lipids, meaning that
the composition of fatty acids in human skin is very similar to that of emu oil.
This makes the absorption of emu oil into human skin faster and more effective.

The documentation on the anti-inflammatory properties of emu oil, as compared by medical researchers in Australia to a number of leading inflammatory products on the market, shows that emu oil excels above other commercial products.

Registered pharmacist Kristi Tomlin acknowledges that the main problem with
anti-inflammatory products currently on the market is their side effects. Tomlin
said, "The oral anti-inflammatory eventually causes stomach discomfort and
and irritation, which in turn leads to other problems." She continues, "For
those able to endure this irritation, the next problem is that it eventually stops
working. The patient builds a tolerance for the medication, leaving it ineffective."

Acne Statistics..............

The following statistics and reasons for acne were provided by the Acne Resource Center. Causes for acne may include one or a combination of the following:
prescribed medications (prescriptions)
oil-based cosmetics
physical irritation
humidity and environmental pollutants

Of the 85 percent of young people between the ages of 12 & 24 that suffer from acne, 25 percent will have permanent scars ranging from light to severe. The American Dermatologist Association finds that:
20 percent of all adults have active acne
60 million Americans have active acne
20 million Americans have advanced acne enough to cause scarring
Only 11 percent of acne sufferers seek help
Acne is considered a social taboo

How Emu Oil Helps To Heal Acne......

There are many reasons why emu oil is developing an international reputation and a growing American following. Why would emu oil be considered beneficial in the case of acne? American and Australian researchers have discovered that this oil is anti-inflammatory, thus it reduces swelling in the tissues. It is also bacteriostatic, which means that it does not promote the growth of bacteria.

This is very important for those suffering from mild to advanced stages of acne.
Many people have skin that is so sensitive that only hypoallergenic products can be tolerated. Emu oil is hypoallergenic since it does not irritate the skin or have any know side effects -- one of its hallmarks!

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