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Emu Oil News For October 2006
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EmuOilDepot.com Monthly Newsletter - Issue #1 - October 18, 2006

About Emu Oil Refining:

The refining of emu oil isn't the huge complicated affair that it is made out to be on most emu oil websites. You'll see terms like "molecularly distilled", "triple-refined", and "pharmaceutical grade", among others.

Emu Oil Should Be Lab-Tested......

Actually, when oil is properly refined it should be lab tested to verify that it meets or exceeds the oil standards which are set by the American Emu Association (AEA). Oil that meets these standards is "Grade A" emu oil and suitable for any application you desire. So, when you purchase emu oil, just verify that it is certified by the AEA.

The refining of emu oil (any oil) simply involves the removal of impurities and this requires a couple of different methods of filtering the oil at certain temperatures. One method of filtering is to separate the impurities by spinning the oil in a centrifuge and the other method is to press the oil through a dense set of paper filters.

Chemicals Should NEVER Be Used To Refine Oil....

Chemicals should NEVER be used in refining to "kill" the impurities in oil of any kind. Not only would you still get the impurities (they're just unable to grow and make the oil get rancid), but you get the chemicals.....very UNdesirable.

At the refinery, after the oil is processed through a centrifuge at the correct temperature, a series of filters for this step in the refining process. The oil is
then tested in our laboratory to insure it meets the AEA oil standards.

Chemicals should never be used at EPIC to kill impurities so you can be confident you are using safe, effective, all natural emu oil.

Next Month:
Emu Oil & Wrinkles- Cosmetic Companies' Newest Weapon


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