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Emu Oil News For November 2006
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EmuOilDepot.com Monthly Newsletter - Issue #2 - November 21, 2006

Emu Oil & Wrinkles- Cosmetic Companies' Newest Weapon

American medical researchers are discovering that emu oil may hold
the secret to our desire for healthy and firm skin. Many American health
and beauty companies are taking notice of these findings and are beginning
to incorporate emu oil into their various creams and moisturizing formulas.

Causes Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles......

According to the beauty experts at Cosmedicine™, "there are many factors
that contribute to the onset of lines and wrinkles. The first is the aging process
itself. With age, skin cells divide slower and skin begins to thin. The network
of Elastin and Collagen fibers, which support the skin's outer layer, begins to
loosen and unravels, resulting in depressions on the skin's surface."

Skin also loses its ability to retain moisture and is slower to repair itself.
Excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation is another major culprit in the
formation of lines and wrinkles - as are bad habits such as smoking, which
upsets the skin's renewal mechanism.

To reduce the appearance of fine lines from deepening and prevent new
ones from forming, beauty experts advise removing dead skin layers to
regain smoother skin, and keep your skin well-hydrated.

How Can Emu Oil Help Alleviate Wrinkles?....

Research by Dr. Alex Zemtsov provides a possible answer: "Emu oil is touted
as a powerful moisturizer that penetrates deep into the skin. We believe emu
oil's fatty acids actually mirror what is found in the skin's top layer, so it
readily accepts the oil."

Research on emu oil by John Caputo, CEO, New World Technology
Comedogenicity, complemented prior research conducted by Dr. Zemtsov.
The results showed that "it is unlikely to produce a comedogenic response
during human use." Consequently, these two diverse areas of research show
human skin readily accepts emu oil with no allergic reaction.

Today, science is proving that emu oil is a beneficial element in helping to
rejuvenate and keep skin healthy, along with a host of other benefits to the
body overall. Nationally acclaimed researcher Dr. Barry Sears said "Emu
oil is an untapped resource and is now where aspirin was in the early 1900's."

Source: ET&T - Jennifer Craigan

Next Month:
Keeping Your Cats & Dogs Healthy With Emu Oil....

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