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Emu Oil News For November 2007
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About The Certification Of Emu Oil
EmuOilDepot.com Monthly News - Issue #9 - November, 2007

The certification of emu oil is misunderstood by most people. It sounds like
 a good thing but there are inherent problems with the procedure.

Here's How The Certification Of Emu Oil Works........
A sample from each "batch" of emu oil that is refined must be submitted to
the American Emu Association for lab testing. Some batches are as much as
150 gallons while others can be as small as ten gallons. If the submitted emu
oil sample meets the AEA standards in the lab, certification is approved and
the emu oil from that batch can be sold as "certified."

The lab test for things like peroxide levels, free fatty acids, moisture content,
microbial count, specific gravity, etc. These are the main indicators that tell what
kind of shelf life to expect.

The problem is that in truth, most companies don't continue to submit samples
from each and every batch of oil they have refined because the lab testing costs
$100 for every batch sample submitted.

We have published the actual standards on EmuOilDepot.com and we save the
test results from each batch of refined emu oil that we have refined. This way, if
you prefer, you can simply phone and we can verify the test results for you! You
can be confident our oil meets and far exceeds the standards set by the American Emu Association.

Your Newsletter For January 2008:
The True Definition Of The Term "Organic"


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