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Emu Oil News For January 2007
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EmuOilDepot.com Monthly Newsletter - Issue #4 - January 16th, 2007

About Emu Oil and Weight Loss....

First and foremost, successful dieting requires the ingestion of all 50 of the essential nutrients. The essential nutrient with the largest daily requirement is linoleic acid which is found in emu oil.

These nutrients plus adequate calories required for the resting metabolic rate are the foundation for a weight reduction program.

It is important to understand what factors influence our metabolic rate. Eating a fat may not seem sensible if a person seeks to lose weight, but again, of the approximately 50 nutrients which must be consumed, linoleic acid (found in emu oil) has the highest daily requirement.

While the essential fatty acids contain all the calories of other fats, they are only used for energy when they are taken in excess, otherwise, they are very metabolically active. They stimulate metabolism, increase metabolic rate and oxidation, and thereby increase the rate of consumption of fats and glucose.

When essential fats are 12 to 15% of the total calories they help a person to lose weight and stay slim. Essential fats are used for structural, hormonal and electrical functions, not for energy.

Hence, essential fats actually help in weight control.




About Today's Food Supply.....

It is important to know that the food in all grocery stores today is not the same as it was even two decades ago. Today's food is created for profit and not health. The main concern for food companies today is profit and that is the bottom line.

Our food supply is highly processed and loaded with harmful chemicals so maintaining proper weight is much more difficult than ever before.

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All About Emu Oil Soft Gelcaps

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