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Emu Oil News For December 2006
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EmuOilDepot.com Monthly Newsletter - Issue #3 - December 18th, 2006

Keeping Your Cats & Dogs Healthy With Emu Oil....

Veterinarians warn that a lack of essential fatty acids in your
animal's diet can lead to severe problems. This can cause a
deficiency, followed by signs of flaky skin and a dull coat in
cats and dogs.

If these signs are spotted at an early stage and remedied, a host of other problems can be prevented. The answer may entail a simple addition to the pet's diet.

Research indicates that omega 6 (linoleic acid) is the only essential fatty acid known to be needed by dogs, and one of only two needed by cats. Commercially processed animal food (especially reduced calorie) are often found lacking sufficient amounts of omega 6.

Consequently, cats and dogs may not be getting sufficient omega 6 because it is lacking in their diet. Omega 6 fatty acids are known to aid with, among other things:

*Regulation of blood flow to body tissues
*Blood clotting (after surgery, etc.)
*Normal reproduction
*Immune system response to injury and infection
*Maintenance of healthy coat and skin
*Increased energy levels

Research shows that the supply of omega 6 and 3 in 100 percent natural emu oil could alleviate the deficiency in the diet of cats. Pet owners are finding that when they consistently add emu oil to their pet's diet, their cat or dog
has more energy, their coats are shiny and they don't scratch as much.

Many cat owners who provide emu oil in their cat's diet say that fur balls are also no longer a problem. Based upon the numerous benefits of adding emu oil to a pet's diet, owners sat it is an inexpensive way to keep their pet healthy.

Next Month:
About Emu Oil and Weight Loss....

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