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Emu Oil News For 4th Quarter 2010
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Emu Oil Depot Quarterly News - Issue #21 - 4th Quarter, 2010

Who Is Actually Producing The Emu Oil You Buy?

Emu oil has proven to be an effective, all natural remedy for so many ailments that sales are increasing very fast and it is being brought to market in many different ways, and, as fast as possible. When sales of anything increase as fast as emu oil has (starting in 2007), production is going to be streamlined and sped up. This of course will have a negative effect on quality every time.

When You Purchase Emu Oil ALWAYS ASK Where They Get It……….

When you purchase emu oil ALWAYS ASK where they get it! Websites can be deceiving. Most companies that sell emu oil don’t actually produce it themselves. They buy product (emu fat) from someone else and have it refined. They may buy emu oil that is already refined and have it re-refined if it is old or discolored, etc.

It Is A Common Practice To Mix Emu Oil………….

Either way, a lot of emu oil gets mixed since it’s from different sources and this compromises the quality. Emu oil that meets emu oil standards can be miles apart in quality because the standards aren’t very stringent. The standards DO insure safe emu oil, they’re just not very stringent.

When emu oil from multiple sources is mixed, it is not possible to insure proper feed was used, it is not possible to insure medications weren’t used, it isn’t possible to insure pastures weren’t sprayed with insecticide, etc. There are too many variables that develop when emu oil from different sources is mixed and it isn’t possible to have total confidence in the end product.

Always buy your emu oil from a company that owns emu birds and produces the emu oil themselves. Then you can ask the questions about feed, pastures, medications, hormones, insecticides, etc. Then you can be sure your emu oil is of high quality.

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