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Emu Oil News For 4th Quarter 2009
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EmuOilDepot.com Quarterly News - Issue #17 - 4th Quarter, 2009

"Why Emu Oil Prices Vary So Much"

As you search for quality emu oil you're sure to notice huge price differences.
There are several reasons for this. First, emu oil has been produced in the USA
since the early nineties (1993 or so). At that time a LOT of emu oil was produced because of the high expectations in the marketplace. Emu oil is a very effective all natural treatment for a host of health issues and this is just what America was looking for (and still is).

The truth is that it takes years to get a market established in the USA, for anything. Thousands of gallons of emu oil was produced at that time (mid 1990's) and when it didn't sell, it was frozen. Starting in 2006, emu oil demand began to grow very fast and keeping up with the growing demand (with a quality oil) has become difficult. This huge demand means that any oil that can be found is being sold and a lot of deception is taking place.

Refining oil with "special" methods is very expensive....

There are a lot of claims about emu oil that is "Molecularly Distilled", "Organic",
"Pharmaceutical Grade", and "Triple Refined", among others, but none of them
say exactly what the differences are compared to normal refining. For instance,
why would "triple refining" be necessary? If it doesn't come out right the first
time, something is wrong.

The fact is, any method of refining that is out of the ordinary is very expensive so
the prices should be much higher where those claims are made, but they aren't.

It's easy to find "problems" in any product with
enough lab testing....

All in all, the same refining methods and equipment that has always been used
for refining consumable oils will produce grade A emu oil that is absolutely suitable for any application you desire including orally ingesting the oil (a common practice).


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