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Emu Oil News For 3rd Quarter 2010
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Quarterly News - Issue #20 - 3rd Quarter, 2010

All About Emu Oil Marketing Ploys:

Most emu oil marketing ploys are about how the oil is refined.

AEA standards are not difficult to meet with ordinary refining methods,
so all the "Organically Refined" - "Pharmaceutical Grade" -
"Molecularly Distilled" - "Cosmetic Grade" processes are unrealistic and unnecessary.

"Organically Refined"
As long as no harsh chemicals are used, every producer can claim
"organically refined". The starting product is what needs to be "Organic."
If you "organically refine" soured milk, when you get through, you still have
soured milk!

"Pharmaceutical Grade"
If emu oil or any consumable oil is properly refined, it could be called
"Pharmaceutical Grade," which means it is ingestible.

"Molecularly Distilled"
From the doctor who oversees the refining of our emu oil:
"The term, Molecularly Distilled sounds WAY better than other refining methods, but molecular distillation is basically for heat sensitive oils, especially fish oil, where you can perform the operation under high vacuum and lower temperature.

Fish oil contains very highly sensitive fats such as EPA and DHA and needs to be handled or purified carefully. Molecular distillation therefore is ideal for fish oil. Emu product however, is very stable compared to fish oil so emu oil does not need to be molecularly distilled."

Emu oil that is 'molecularly distilled' should be much more expensive (but it isn't on the Internet). Traditionally refined emu oil produces a quality emu
oil that is well within American Emu Association (AEA) standards and suitable for any application you desire.

"Cosmetic Grade"
All refined oils are "Cosmetic Grade."

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