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Emu Oil News For 2nd Quarter 2008
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EmuOilDepot.com Quarterly News - Issue #10 - 2nd Quarter, 2008 

Your Emu Oil News For 2nd Quarter 2008:
How To Insure You Get Quality Emu Oil

The Tremendous Growth Of Emu Oil:
Emu oil has grown so much in the last 18 months (since late 2006) that there is sure to be product offered that is "less than perfect" as new companies scramble to get in the business. The industry is going to experience a lot of "growing pains" and that is happening right now.

Every conceivable marketing strategy is being used to capture new customers and it isn't always the best thing for the industry OR you the customer.

Clear Emu Oil?
Emu oil is presented in many different ways, one of which is clear. Clear oil sounds like a good thing but properly refined emu oil isn't clear, it is pearl-white in color. Clear emu oil is actually crude, unrefined oil that is let to stand for a couple of days until it separates (photo below). The clear, top portion is then skimmed off and sold as "quality oil." In fact, it will turn rancid in a few short weeks.

Clear emu oil costs much less to produce because there is no refining expense.

Emu Oil With Vitamin "E"

People take vitamin E orally to stay younger longer, etc. Vitamin E is a
preservative and that is the only reason to add it to emu oil. Emu oil that is
properly refined and fresh needs no vitamin E added.

Disparaging Sites:

There are even websites that use Pay-Per-Click ads to disparage emu oil. It is quite apparent that emu oil is cutting into their market. Why else would someone actually pay and go out of their way to disparage another product?

Emu oil is all-natural, effective, and thousands of satisfied customers can't be disputed.


Emu oil prices should be close to the same across the board but they aren't. We see it every day and the reasons vary. The main reason prices vary is because emu oil sales have increased so much in the last 18 months. There is a lot of old oil out there that people have stored for several years and they're trying to sell it.

We at Emu Oil Depot produce our own product entirely. We have our prices set in line with production costs and normal business profitability. We know the cost of producing fresh, effective, odor-free, emu oil and that's where it all starts.

Your Newsletter For 4th Quarter 2008:
"About The Omega Fatty Acids In Emu Oil"


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