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Emu Oil News For 1st Quarter 2011
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Emu Oil Depot Quarterly News - Issue #22 - 1st Quarter, 2011

What About The Color Of The Emu Oil You Buy? 




Many factors affect the color of emu oil. The main factor that
affects emu oil color is almost always the processing. Proper
processing is slow, tedious, and difficult. Experience is critical
and is almost always the difference in high quality emu oil.

Laboratories have color charts they refer to for describing color. The colors
for emu oil (in lab charts) range from pearl-white to brown.

Color Isn't Part Of The Established Emu Oil Standard

That's right. Color is not referred to in the emu oil standards for
lab testing. As long as emu oil tests within the limits for things
like "free fatty acids" and "peroxids", it is acceptable. The lighter
colored emu oil is of course preferred.

For pictures and much more info go to:

Next Quarter: All about all-natural emu oil products.

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